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Health Insurance

Ensure financial comfort of you and
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Health Insurance

Even the healthiest of individuals can fall sick without warning and require expensive medical treatments. In such a scenario, it is important to be financially prepared to tackle such medical costs. With health insurance plans, you can ensure the financial comfort of your family and you.

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What are health insurance plans?

Health insurance plans reimburse insured customers for their medical expenses, including treatments, surgeries, hospitalization and the like which arise from injuries/illnesses, or directly pay out a certain pre-determined sum to the customer.

This is an agreement between the insurance company and the customer where the former agrees to guarantee payment/compensation for medical costs in case the latter is injured/ill in the future, leading to hospitalization. In most cases, insurance companies have tie-ups with a network of hospitals, thereby ensuring cashless treatment for patients there.


Here is why you need health insurance:

  • Pays for medical treatments without depleting your savings or investments.
  • Affording medical care is an absolute necessity especially during emergencies.
  • Cashless treatment with large network hospitals while reimbursements are given by insurance companies in other cases.
  • Keeps you and your family worry free; while paying a low rate/premium.
  • In most cases, you get coverage for hospitalization costs, doctor consultations, medicines, tests and post-hospitalization expenses.

Key Benefits of Health Insurance Plans

  • Coverage for pre and post hospitalization expenses- Insurance policies usually offer coverage for expenses both pre and post hospitalization up to pre-specified durations/limits.
  • Cashless facility- If you are getting treated at a network hospital, you can get hassle-free cashless treatment under your insurance plan.
  • No-Claim Bonuses- These bonuses are earned by the person insured in case no claims are filed for treatments in a particular year.
  • Tax benefits- You can get deduction up to Rs 25,000 from taxable income of health insurance premiums paid under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act. The maximum deduction limit for senior citizens is Rs 60,000**

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