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Term Insurance

Your family depends on you.
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What is Term Life Insurance?

Term Life insurance is the purest and most cost effective form of life insurance. Such term insurance provides financial protection to the nominee in case policyholder dies during policy term. Term Insurance policies provide great life cover benefits at low rates. E. g: Premium for Rs 1 Cr Term Insurance cover could be bought for as low as Rs 499* p.m. These fixed premiums can be paid at once or at regular intervals for the entire policy term or for a limited period of time. Premium amount varies basis the type of the premium payment method opted by the buyer.

* This is an assumed premium amount for an 18-year-old healthy male life with the monthly mode of payment and premiums paid regularly for the policy term of 18 years with an income payout option with Life Cover of ₹ 1 crore. GST tax and/or applicable cesses (if any) as per applicable rates will be charged extra.


Why do you need Term Insurance?

  • Your family depends on you: The term insurance payout can be used to meet your family’s monthly expenses and other important goals such as your child’s education, wedding, etc.
  • To protect your assets: You may take loans for assets like a home. However, if anything happens to you, your dear ones might have to bear the burden of unplanned loan EMIs. In such a situation, the term insurance payout can be utilized by your family for paying off outstanding loan amount.
  • Risks of lifestyle ailments: Modern day lifestyle problems can lead to a host of ailments. Our term insurance plans, which besides protecting your family after death, also give you the option to choose add on critical illness protection during the lifetime. This feature pays out on the diagnosis of certain critical ailments like heart attack or cancer. This payout can provide financial support to your family during such tough times.

Reasons to Buy Term Insurance Online:

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Low rates
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Great benefits and add-ons
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Option for customisation
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Zero/Less paper work

Who should buy a Term Insurance Policy?

Anyone with financial dependents should buy a term insurance policy. This can include young working professionals, married couples, parents, self-employed & businessmen, mutual fund investors.

Life Insurance premiums paid are deductible from taxable income under Section 80C and hence carry a double benefit for taxpayers – protection and tax-saving.

Term insurance also has among the lowest premiums among the different types of insurance policies. The three key benefits are – life protection, tax saving and affordable premiums.
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Term Insurance – Benefits

  • Large Life Insurance cover at low rates with great benefits
  • Option For Cover Against Critical Illnesses like a heart attack, cancer, kidney failure etc (payout on first diagnosis)
  • Support In Case Of Disability: In new-age Term plans, the insurance company pays your future premiums in case of total and permanent disability
  • Accidental death benefit can be also be added
  • Tax benefits on premiums paid under Section 80C.

How Much Term Insurance Cover do you need?

Before we find the right term insurance cover for you, let’s us first understand the concept of Human Life Value (HLV).

Human Life Value (HLV) is a number that tells the present value of future income expenses, liabilities and investments. The HLV number is taken usually to understand how much money would be required to secure the lives of your dependents, in case you are no longer around.

Human Life Value (HLV) Calculator

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18 Years60 Years
1 L1 Cr
1 %20 %
02 Cr
02 Cr